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Frequently Asked Questions

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If I'm on campus and I call 911, who responds?

If you use your cellphone to call 911, you are connected with the San Marcos City Police. They will transfer you to the University's Police if you are on a part of campus when assistence is requested. If you use one of the emergency call boxes to call 911, you will be connected directly to the University Police.

I have had a violent crime committed against me. What are my options?

The Texas State University Police Department's Victim Services Division is available to assist crime victims and family members in handling the emotional and psychological aftermath of a violent crime. Call 512.245.2805 for assistance.

For more information, please visit the Victim Services page.

What should I do if my friend is very drunk, has passed out, and is not waking up?

In this situation, the wisest course of action is to call 911. Alcohol poisoning could be involved.

Where can I find information about snow or other weather-related emergencies?

Hazardous weather and weather-related emergencies will be relayed to the student, faculty, and staff via the text messaging system for Texas State University, TXState Alert System. Texas State University-San Marcos has provided this system at no charge and has pre-registered all users into the system using their “” email address (*NOTE-depending on your texting plan you are responsible for any additional text charges from your provider). For more information please email: or visit the Emergency Procedures page.

Bad weather notifications will also be posted on the Texas State University home page and email will be sent out to all faculty, staff, and students. You can also recieve weather notifications from local media services.

Often I have to leave campus late, and especially when it becomes darker early, I find myself walking alone at night. What would you suggest is the best way to handle lone walks through poorly lit areas? Are there phones or some other way to communicate with campus police in case of an emergency? Is there a direct line I can save on speed dial?

There are several options to increase your individual safety. The University Police Department offers the service of the Bobcat Bobbies, who will supply cart transportation across campus. For more information please visit their webpage or call 512.245.SAFE (512.245.7233).

Another option is to join the self defense class that is offered freely to all students, faculty, and staff of the Texas State University system. This self defense class, Krav Maga, gives individuals the ability to defend themselves. For more information on this class and how to enroll, please visit the Krav Maga webpage.

Other options included forming a group with others who have this same situation and walk as a group. In uncomfortable situations, there are also the emergency call boxes scattered throughout the campus.

Are firearms allowed on campus?

A lawful person may possess a firearm which is legally owned while outside of a building. (Effective August 1st, the possession of a concealed handgun by a licensed individual in accordance with university policy is lawful) For more information visit

Where can I get more information about concealed carry on campus?

You can find all current information regarding campus carry at the following web address.