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UPD History

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 We at the TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY POLICE DEPARTMENT would like to open the pages of our history book and give you a glimpse of our beginning to present day. Texas State University was established in 1899 as an educational institution. Security in the beginning was provided by one night watchman.

In1966, tragedy struck the University of Texas-Austin.  Charles Whitman opened fire on students from the university's bell tower. The event, the catalyst for our department, resulted in a fully operational police department by 1968. Certification through the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) became a requirement for all employed officers. 
As the university grew so did our department, to its current force of 32 commission police officers, eight uniformed security officers, uniformed parking officers, support staff and student workers.
SWTSTC Special Officer Badge
SWTSTC Special Officer Badge