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Card Access Readers

Your Card Should Look Like This

Standard ID Card

The older style ID cards do not work! If you have an old style card you can get a replacement at ID Services.


Card Reader and Card

If a solid RED light is present, the door is locked!

If a solid GREEN light is present, the door is unlocked and no card is needed.

To unlock, present the card flat to the reader with the black stripe side towards the reader.

Card Reader Red and Green

If approved, you will see a quick GREEN flash and hear a short high pitched tone. You will also hear the latch click to the unlocked position. You can now open the door if within the time out period.

If not approved, the light will stay RED and a longer tone will be heard. No latch click will be heard.

If you recieve NO response from the reader, meaning no light change or no sound, your card is not functioning correctly. Contact Access Services (5-7656).


If you pass your card by the reader twice before the door has relocked you will get a RED light with a long tone. This is because the first pass of the card requests the door to unlock. When you pass the second time you are actually requesting the door to stay unlocked for long periods of time. Rememebr the door is unlocked when you see the quick GREEN flash and short tone is heard.

If you still cannot get into the building, you can contact the University Police or Access Services at 245-7656 to request the door be opened remotely.