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RIDE Program

2011 Bicycle Round Up

If you would like to register your bicycle for free you can click on the link below.  

The Texas State University Police Department will begin their annual bicycle round up on May 23, 2011 and should be completed by May 25, 2011. All bicycles must be registered with the University Police Department to avoid being impounded. UPD will not impound bicycles which are registered and are legally parked and locked. All bicycles attached to any railings, signage, or landscaping will be impounded. Locking devices which are found and not attached to a bicycle will be removed. All impounded bicycles will be held by the University Police Department for a period of no less than 120 days, after which the bicycles will be transferred to the office of Auxiliary Services. Proof of ownership will be required to retrieve a bicycle after it is impounded. Please come by The Texas State University Police Department, located in Nueces Building to register your bicycle in person.




Register, IDentify, Educate is a program sponsored by the University Police Department. We work in partnership with Auxiliary Services to promote bicycle registration and use on the university campus. 

Below you will find information on how to register your bicycle to park on campus, the on-campus bicycle cooprerative, and bicycle laws and rules you should follow when riding in our community.

Bicycle theft is a major problem on university and college campuses across the nation resulting in thousands of dollars in losses. It only takes a few minutes to steal a bicycle. A thief will scout a bicycle rack in search of a bicycle they can take with relative ease. Texas State University alone in 2007 had approximately 12 bicycles stolen costing students an estimated total of $4025.00. Only you can prevent these thefts!

Simply R.ID.E.



...your bike with UPD at no cost. There are a number of ways to register:

  • on-line by clicking register your bike
  • at UPD in the Nueces Building
  • at the Bike Cave located on North and Vista
  • at special events on the Quad (i.e., Bike to School Day)

Registered bikes are more likely to be recovered if stolen.

If you register your bike and it is stolen, UPD will enter the serial number into the Texas Crime Information Center (TCIC) and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). This allows any police agency to search records for specific items by serial number. Without a serial number, this is impossible.



...the serial numbers of your valuables and write them down in a safe, easily accessible place.

... your bicycle specifically and in detail. Do you have a specific type of gear shifters (i.e., Shimano)? Are there scratches, chipped paint, etc.?

...a safe, well-lit, high-traffic area to secure your bicycle.

...any suspicious activity or persons in or around the bicycle racks. Do not approach a person who may be attempting to steal a bike; get a description (clothing, hair, hat, facial hair, size, race, backpack, etc...) and a direction of travel. If you can, keep the suspicious person in your sight.



...yourself on the laws of the road for bicycles.

...yourself on how to secure your bicycle properly.

...yourself on the basic mechanics of your bicycle.

...yourself on safe routes around the city and campus.

...yourself on basic bicycle safety.