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Victim Services

The Texas State University Police Department's Victim Services Division is available to assist crime victims and family members in handling the emotional and psychological aftermath of a violent crime. Call 512.245.2805 for assistance.

Organization/Service Number
Texas State Police Department 512.245.2805
Emergencies 911
Texas State Victim Services Division 512.245.2805
Texas State Student Health Center 512.245.2161
Texas State Counseling Center 512.245.2208
ADEPT Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling 512.245.3601
University Legal Advisor 512.245.2370
Multicultural Student Affairs 512.245.2278
Local Organization Number
Alcoholics Anonymous 512.396.2060
Attorney General’s Office, Child Support Enforcement 800.252.8014
Board of Pardons and Paroles Victim Services Section 800.848.4284
Central Texas Legal Aid 800.369.9270
Community Action 512.392.1161
DHS Child Protection Division Child Abuse Hotline 800.252.5400
DHS Child Welfare 512.438.4800
Family Planning Clinic 512.392.5816
Hays/Caldwell Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse 512.396.7695
Hays/Caldwell Women’s Center 512.396.HELP
Hays/Caldwell Women’s Center-Prevention Education-Counseling Center for Children 512.396.7276
Hays District Attorney’s Office Victim Protective Order Division 512.393.7600
Hays District Attorney’s Office Victim Services Division 512.393.7617
Mental Health/Mental Retardation Schieb Opportunity 512.392.7151
Mental Health/Suicide Hotline 512.396.7624
Narcotics Anonymous 512.396.7624
People Against Violent Crime 512.837.7282
Southside Community Center 512.392.6694
Women’s Advocacy Project 800.777.3247
Texas Crime Victim Rights
A victim of a violent crime is: (1) someone who has suffered bodily injury, death, or who has been the victim of acrime involving sexual assault, kidnapping or aggravated robbery; (2) the close relative (spouse, parent, brother/sister, or adult child) of a deceased victim; or (3) the guardian of a victim. As a victim of violent crime, close relative of a deceased victim, or guardian of a victim, you have the following rights:
1. The right to protection from harm and threats of harm arising from cooperation with prosecution efforts.
2. The right to have your safety and that of your family taken into consideration when bail is being considered.
3. If requested, the right to be informed about court proceedings, including whether they have been canceled or rescheduled.
4. If requested, the right to information about procedures in the criminal investigation of your case by law enforcement, and about general procedures in the criminal justice system, including plea bargaining, from the prosecutor’s office.
5. The right to receive information about the Texas Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund, which provides financial assistance to victims of violent crimes and, if requested, referral to social service agencies that may provide additional help.
6. The right to provide information to a probation department conducting a pre-sentence investigation on the impact of the crime.
7. If requested, the right to be notified of parole proceedings by the Board of Pardons and Paroles, to participate in the parole process, and to be notified of the inmate’s release.
8. The right to be present at all public court proceedings, if the presiding judge permits.
9. The right to be provided with a safe waiting area before and during court proceedings.
10. The right to prompt return of any property no longer required as evidence.
11. If requested, the right to have the prosecutor notify your employer of the necessity of your testimony that may involve your absence from work.
12. The right to complete a Victim Impact Statement detailing the emotional, physical and financial impact the crime has had on you and your family, and to have that statement considered by the judge at sentencing and by the parole board prior to taking any parole action.