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Chief Advisory Board

     The Texas State University Police Department is asking for any Faculty, Staff, Upper Class or Graduate Students, interested in serving the University Community to apply for the Chief’s Advisory Board (CAB). There will be 12 members outside of UPD who will serve on the CAB, to include 3 from the San Marcos community.

       The Chief’s Advisory Board (CAB) is being created to serve a dual purpose in promoting transparency in our actions. The board will serve as a sounding board for the Chief of Police, making recommendations, providing input on the development and revisions of policies and input on new initiatives and programs. Additionally, it will serve as an internal advisory board on disciplinary cases and will provide the University Police Department’s Chief of Police recommendations.

  • Individuals interested in serving on the CAB must pass a background check and will serve for a period of one academic year.
  • Individuals interested in serving on the Chief’s Advisory Board may apply by clicking the link below:


The Chief’s Advisory Board Application is currently closed.