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Safety Alerts

UPD at TXST Safety Bulletin

Large Parties/Discharged Firearms/Shooting

San Marcos Police have responded to reports of shots being fired for six consecutive weekends at various apartment complexes in the city with large Texas State student populations. This weekend, Nov. 13-15, SMPD responded to two incidents involving suspects discharging firearms—one, the shooting and hospitalization of an individual. The other, resulting in an arrest.The calls appear to be linked to large parties that include up to 200 people, alcohol, and drugs. According to SMPD, individuals are brandishing handguns and firing indiscriminately. 

Because these parties can put you in grave danger, we again, caution students to avoid them. Exposure to firearms, alcohol, and drugs, especially in combination, increases the likelihood of victimization.


If you have any information regarding any of these incidents, please contact San Marcos Police Department Criminal Investigations Division at 512.753.2300.
Issued 10/15/2020 Texas State University Police