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Department Structure

The University Police Department is a vital part of Texas State, committed to creating a safe environment for learning, living and working. We rely on a variety of internal and external relationships to fulfill this mission.

Internal Departments

The list below describes the specialized function of each part of UPD. See how they fit together in our organization chart.

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  • Communications is the link between the campus community and UPD, Parking Services officers, security service officers and the Bobcat Bobbies.

    UPD’s telecommunications operators work 24 hours per day, seven days per week.  Duties include answering 911 emergency and nonemergency phone calls; monitoring all fire, panic and intrusion alarms; and monitoring and dispatching police and civilian personnel on more than 14 radio channels, while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and dedication to the campus community. All telecommunications operators are certified through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education as well as through the Texas Department of Public Safety.

    Texas State University Police Department is considered a public safety answering point (PSAP), meaning that we answer our own 911 emergency calls for campus. All landline phones (phones plugged into the wall) will connect directly to our Communications Division when 911 is dialed. If someone calls 911 from a cellphone, it will be directed to the San Marcos Police Department’s Communications Unit. If you are reporting an incident that occurred on campus, let the dispatcher know that you need to be transferred to the Texas State University Police Department.

  • UPD focuses on community engagement with an emphasis on community-oriented policing. We conduct more than 100 programs each year for the university community on topics including personal safety, DWI, drug dangers, sexual assault prevention and self-defense. Our community engagement officers also assist in orientation presentations throughout the summer for incoming students and their parents that describe UPD’s services, prevention programs and crime statistics.

    Learn more about our Safety Training Classes.

    Contact: 512.245.8341,

  • The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) conducts all misdemeanor and felony investigations of offenses reported to UPD. CID is also responsible for the categorization, preservation and long-term storage of all evidence collected by the University Police Department.

    Three investigators are assigned to this division, and each one is assigned individual cases. Investigators contact victims, interview suspects, examine physical evidence, conduct search warrants, obtain arrest warrants and assist the district attorney’s office in the prosecution of cases.

    Each investigator is specially trained in many different investigative methods, including crime scene search, evidence preservation, surveillance, electronic crime investigation and sexual assault investigation.

  • The OEM coordinates emergency response actions. You can see the most up-to-date emergency info on our Safety and Emergency Communications page. For other ways to stay connected, sign up for TXState Alerts on your mobile device or follow us on Twitter at @TXStateOoEM.

  • UPD officers patrol the campus, including parking lots and garages, day and night. You will see us on foot, on bicycles or in our distinctive white patrol cars, which are marked with the Texas State police logo in maroon and gold. Our officers also patrol city streets and off-campus housing areas within a half-mile radius of the San Marcos campus.

  • This department processes and maintains all UPD police reports, including arrests, accidents, incident reports and case files. The department responds to all open records requests and reports to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

    Contact: 512.245.2890,

  • Security Services is a UPD unit that employs non-commissioned security officers in order to enhance campus safety. These security officers lock assigned buildings on schedule and check campus to ensure that other doors are locked. If you find a “Gotcha Card” in your office, a security officer found an exterior door to your office unsecured. Call 512.245.8341 for more information.

    Security Services also provides safety escorts, responds to fire alarms, assists motorists, and aids police officers as directed.

    The Bobcat Bobbies are a team of student workers who are hired, trained and equipped by Security Services. The Bobcat Bobbies are in radio contact with the police department and provide the majority of on-campus safety escorts from dusk till 1 a.m. Call a safety escort: 512.245.SAFE (512.245.7233)

  • This division helps crime victims and their family members manage the aftermath of a violent crime. Visit the Victim Services page for selected resources or call the UPD nonemergency number, 512.245.2805, to speak with an officer.

Police Authority and Interagency Relationships

The University Police Department is a public service-oriented law enforcement agency responsible for the safety and protection of all Texas State students, faculty and staff. UPD officers have law enforcement authority in any county in which the university owns or controls property. All university police officers are licensed as peace officers by the State of Texas. UPD police officers are commissioned as peace officers by the Board of Regents of the Texas State University System under the authority of section 51.203 of the Texas Education Code.

The University Police Department has a close working relationship with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Many of these relationships are formalized through interagency agreements or memorandums of understanding. These include memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with Hays County, Round Rock and San Marcos. The MOU with the city of San Marcos is significant in that, in addition to cooperation, it authorizes UPD officers to enforce most city ordinances on any property within the city of San Marcos.

UPD also collaborates with other departments within Texas State.

  • Organizational Development and Communications: offering safety training courses to the campus community.
  • UPD’s Bobcat Bobbies provide campus safety escorts after dark.
  • Call dispatch at 512.245.SAFE (512.245.7233) for details and hours for both of these services.
    • Transportation Services (The Bike Cave) helps to keep bicycles safe on campus.
    • Both UPD and Parking Services assist motorists with jump-starts. UPD also responds to vehicle accidents.

Supporting Documents

We strive for transparency and accountability. You can view PDFs of key documents including policies, procedures, reports, forms and other documentation of UPD’s work.