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Emergency Procedures

For real-time alerts and information during emergency situations, please visit our Safety and Emergency Communications site.

Standard Response Protocol

A standard plan of action helps all community members stay safe during an emergency situation. Texas State University maintains a Standard Response Protocol, containing four types of action, to ensure a safe campus environment. Since 2014, all incoming students, faculty and staff have received information about the Standard Response Protocol.

The four actions of the Standard Response Protocol are:

lockdown SRP icon


Locks, lights, out of sight

  • Avoid threat if possible.
  • Deny access — lock and barricade doors.
  • Move out of sight.
  • Turn off light sources.
  • Maintain silence.
  • Prepare to evade or defend.
  • Do not open the door until police give the all clear.



Secure the perimeter 

  • Bring everyone indoors.
  • Lock the perimeter.
  • Account for occupants.
  • Increase awareness of your surroundings.
  • Continue business as usual.

evacuate SRP icon


To a designated location

  • Follow the instructions provided by authorities.
  • Notify others to evacuate.
  • Take only your phone and essential items.
  • Help those needing assistance.
  • Notify police of missing or injured.

shelter SRP icon


Safety strategy

  • Move to interior of structure.
  • Stay away from windows.
  • Shelter in smaller rooms if able.
  • Sit or kneel next to walls.
  • Do not leave shelter unless instructed to do so.

Emergency Situations

Below is more detailed information about specific types of emergencies.

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Weather Emergencies

Texas State monitors the current local weather conditions in order to warn the university community if the campus environment becomes unsafe.

Closures or cancellations due to severe weather will be announced via several methods, including:

  • Safety and Emergency Communications page
  • The university homepage 
  • Email from the University News Service or the University Police Department to all students, faculty and staff
  • Messages recorded on the university news hotline at 512.245.2424
  • Voicemail messages sent to all campus telephones
  • Local media announcements
  • Texas State weather emergency siren system

Texas State Weather Warning System:

Texas State University uses a lightning prediction warning system. The system uses a horn array and strobe-light warning mechanism to alert the campus of approaching weather systems that have the potential to produce dangerous lightning. If this occurs, the horn array will sound two times for 15 seconds and strobes will be activated throughout the alert.

If the Texas State weather warning system is activated, you are advised to seek shelter in the nearest available open building, away from windows, or in a low-lying area until the all-clear alarm has sounded. The all-clear alert will be three five-second sirens.

If the embedded weather forecast above isn’t working properly for you, please visit to see the detailed weather forecast for Texas State University.

Important Phone Numbers

Police, fire, or medical emergency 911
University Police Department (nonemergency) 512.245.2805
Student Health Center 512.254.2161
Texas State operator from a university phone 0
Texas State operator from an off-campus phone 512.245.2111
University recorded news bulletin 512.245.2424
Physical Plant (emergencies and after hours) 512.245.2108
Counseling Center (mental health crisis — during business hours) 512.245.2208
Counseling Center (mental health crisis — after business hours) 1.877.466.0660
Safety Escort (Bobcat Bobbies) 512.245.7233
Housing Facilities 512.245.4680