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FAQs Regarding May 1 Incident

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the incident on the San Marcos Campus May 1, 2019

As a follow-up to the statement sent earlier today to the campus community, we have provided Frequently Asked Questions about today’s incident below:

Question:  It was reported that students at the Texas State San Marcos campus were arrested today. What happened?

Answer:  Earlier today some students gathered on the Quad in the center of campus in anticipation of a planned demonstration by an outside group. To our knowledge, no outside groups were on campus today but some students engaged in a heated discussion which unfortunately escalated into a physical altercation between two students. The incident resulted in four students being arrested on various charges.

Q:  What has happened to the students that were arrested?

A:  The students were escorted into the University Police Department and were transported to the Hays County jail for arraignment before a judge.

Q:  Were tasers used on any students by the police in the process of the arrests?

A:  No, the students were arrested by University Police officers and escorted into the University Police Department Office. One student had to be restrained on the ground by several officers before being escorted into the building.

Q:  Was anyone injured during the incidents? 

A:  No injuries have been reported to University Police Department at this time.

Q  What are the next steps in this incident?

A:  There is an enhanced law enforcement presence on campus at this time and no further incidents have been reported.