Bobcat Bobbies: Serving with Reliability & Compassion

By: Dey Romo Rossell, Public Information Officer, Finance and Support Services

Emilia Harris Giving a Student a Ride

Supporting Fellow Students

TXST Junior Emilia Harris, enjoys being on the go and assisting her fellow students as a Bobcat Bobbie.

Paul Aleman with Student at the Whiteboard

Staying Organized & On Alert

Mentor and Bobcat Bobbies Supervisor, Guard Sgt. Paul Aleman and Bobcat Bobbie, TXST Junior Carlos Espindola, plan out the evening.

Meagan Montiel TXST Senior and Bobcat Bobbie on Tablet

Been a Great Run

TXST Senior Meagan Montiel monitors her tablet for safety escort requests through the Bobcat Bobbie program.

From the moment they report to duty at UPD headquarters, Texas State Bobcat Bobbies are on the go in service to their fellow students looking for a safe ride.

Each member of the team of 12 is equipped with a tablet to respond to student calls for service via the TapRide app — important tools that increase response time. The requests for safety escorts range from 80 to 120 every night during their duty from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. 

"The Bobcat Bobbies, to me, is one of the best programs Texas State has to offer outside of the classroom. The Bobcat Bobbies help students to feel safe when moving around campus and provide hundreds of students with rides each week. Without the Bobcat Bobbies some students would not feel comfortable being active on campus at night," said Adam Holden, Sophomore and the team leader of the Bobcat Bobbies.  

For TXST Junior Emilia Harris who has been a Bobbie for 10 months, the job is fun and fulfilling. 

"My favorite thing about being a Bobbie is the community my coworkers, plus Sgt. Aleman, and I have created. We all rely on each other and work well as a team," said Harris.

"I would recommend this job to other students! You can get school work done while on your shift so you don’t fall behind, and you also get to meet a lot of new people," she added. 

The Bobcat Bobbies service is one of the many safety programs that UPD offers to students. To learn more about other services, visit Programs and Services. 

"Each of these students is like family and I'm so proud of how hard they work every time they report for duty," said  Guard Sgt. Paul Aleman, Bobcat Bobbies Supervisor.   

From their first days on campus, TXST students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Bobcat Bobbies and how to quickly access this service during the evening and night hours.

"The Bobcat Bobbies offer peace of mind to students, just another way all of us at Texas State work together to make the Bobcat experience special," said Aleman. 

For quick and easy access to the Bobcat Bobbies, download the Tap Ride app through the App Store or Google Play

The UPD Bobcat Bobbies program comes to an end following this spring 2021 semester at Texas State. The university will be sharing new transportation options soon for fall 2021 facilitated through the TXST Department of Transportation Services. 


Paul Aleman and Adam Holden in Cart

Sgt. Paul Aleman & Adam Holden

Without the Bobcat Bobbies some students would not feel comfortable being active on campus at night. -Adam Holden

Bobcat Bobbies Team

It's a True Team Effort

L-R, Front Row: Meagan Montiel and Mandy Ogoe and Back Row: Carlos Espindola, Adam Holden, Emilia Harris

Bobcat Bobbie supervised by Guard Sergeant Supervisor

Students Serving Students

TXST sophomore Mandy Ogoe is always ready to go in service to her fellow Bobcats who need a safe ride.