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Bobcat Bobbies

Walking across campus alone after dark?

Call 512.245.SAFE (512.245.7233) for a safety escort.

Hours of operation (during fall and spring semesters)

  • Bobcat Bobbies provide escorts from dusk till 1 a.m., 7 days per week.

  • UPD Security Services officers provide escorts from 1 a.m. till dawn.

The Bobcat Bobbies are a team of students who are hired, trained and equipped by UPD Security Services officers. Bobcat Bobbies are in radio contact with the police department. They provide escorts on foot and with golf carts based on availability.

Learn more about this service from one of the Bobcat Bobbies herself

Texas State Bobcat Bobbies keeping campus safe

Bobcat Bobbies

Keeping Campus Safe

Another resource is Bobcat Guardian, a free mobile app that creates a virtual safety network of friends and family.

If you need a ride due to a temporary disability, apply for the Cats on the Go program provided through the Office of Disability Services.

Contact them for more information at 512.245.3451 or