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Texas State University

Ride-Along Rules

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  • UPD encourages active engagement with officers and is excited to offer the Ride-Along Program to interested community members. We will make every effort to accommodate interested persons; however, any applicant may be disqualified without cause.

  • The following factors may be considered in disqualifying an applicant and are not limited to:

    • being under 18 years of age (Exceptions may be with the concurrence of the chief of police and with parental approval)
    • prior criminal history
    • Pending criminal action
    • Pending lawsuit against the Department
    • Must not currently be under a driver’s license suspension or revocation from DMV
    • Must not have warrants outstanding for their arrest
  • The Ride-Along Program is available on most days of the week, with certain exceptions established by the supervisor handling the request. The ride-along times may be approved for any time of the day deemed appropriate by the Chief of Police, or shift supervisors.

  • Generally, the shift supervisor will schedule ride-along requests. The participant will complete a ride-along waiver form. Information requested includes a valid ID or Texas driver's license, address, and phone number. If the participant is under age 18, the Chief of Police must provide prior approval, and a parent/guardian must be present to complete the Ride-Along Form. A shift supervisor will schedule a date, based on availability. To request a ride-along with an officer, please complete the UPD Ride-Along Request Form

  • Participants will be limited to two ride-alongs per six-month period. Ride-alongs are not to be used for socializing with acquaintances. No more than one person will participate in a ride-along during scheduled time. No more than one ride-along participant will be permitted in the officer's vehicle at a time.

  • All Ride-along applicants are subject to a criminal history check.

  • All Ride-along passengers should dress in business casual clothing, including a polo-style shirt, long pants and closed-toe shoes. Please do not wear flip flops or sandals.