Bobcats Share Their Student Police Academy Stories

Students look forward to this exciting opportunity every semester. and UPD endeavors to always make it an experience of a lifetime for Texas State students. 

Cat Hoyt with Officer Ortiz

I didn’t really have a perception of UPD before the ride along due to not meeting a UPD officer up until that day. For the most part it was what I expected, I was super surprised and excited that I was welcomed in as well as I was.

-Cat Hoyt, TXST Senior 
TXST UPD Student Police Academy, Fall 2020 

With this being a campus police department, it takes a special type of police officer to work here; one that is a people person and excels in community policing meaning this is a department that no ordinary officer can work at. The officers on this campus are amazing when it comes to communicating with the students and overall are some of the friendliest officers that I have encountered.

-Benjamin Nehama, TXST Freshman 
TXST UPD Student Police Academy, Fall 2020

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William Lawrence Ride Along

I severely underestimated the number of calls each officer responds to during a shift, and I was very impressed with the professionalism and confidence that the department had in dealing with each situation. The amount of work that UPD does to ensure our campus is a safe place to study, work, and live should not be understated,, and often goes unseen.

-William Lawrence, TXST Graduate Student
TXST UPD Student Police Academy, Fall 2020

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